Thursday, October 21, 2010

Aspen Travel Guide: Tips for an Easy Trip to Aspen  

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Aspen is a destination ski town, however getting here does not have to be hard! There are many forms of travel, lodging options and activities options that can enrich your vacation, and here are some of our tips for navigating your way to the Aspen Valley!

  1. Get Lodging! We, of course, recommend our own Inn at Aspen, which is ideally located at the base of Buttermilk Ski Resort and only a few minutes into downtown Aspen or 15 minutes from Snowmass. Also view the website to see a full list of lodging options in Aspen. But, we bet you will like our pricing and our location.

  2. Plan the Best Transportation Options. Whether you fly, drive, rent a car, book a shuttle, caravan, sled or dumb and dumber style—Vespa your way, you will be glad you made the trip!
    • Aspen Flights - United and Frontier have added extra flights, making it that much easier.
    • Driving - See our driving directions, but you definitely don’t need a car to get around Aspen. Aspen and Snowmass are super pedestrian friendly, with large sidewalks, outdoor malls, and you're in a small town!
    • Public Transportation in town is free! All ski shuttles, cross-town shuttles and airport buses are free. Buses depart on average every 10 minutes. Buses out to the Inn at Aspen are only a few dollars. No more treacherous winter driving, or paying for gas or parking ($15.00 for on mountain, and $2.00/hour in the town).

  3. Schedule the Fun! Enjoy one ski ticket that allows you access to all four of Aspen’s supreme ski resorts! If you take a day off from skiing, indulge in the other amazing activities Aspen holds... from the Krabloonik Sled Dogs and cross-country skiing, to shopping downtown Aspen, strolling the Art Galleries or taking a spa day!

  4. Plan for the Altitude.
    • Sunscreen! Using sun screen in the Rocky Mountains is as important as using a seat belt or wearing a helmet. Use SPF 30 and re-apply frequently. Be aware that the sun's reflection off the snow is strong even on cloudy days.
    • Water! It is easy to become dehydrated at high altitude, especially after you have been playing hard—drink lots of water!
    • Altitude! You’re at more than 7,000 feet in Aspen Snowmass, so you may feel the effects of altitude sickness. If you start to feel dizzy or nauseous, or have a headache on the hill, head back to the base and drink more water. You can help prevent altitude sickness by limiting your physical activity for the first few days and drinking alcohol only in moderation.
Stay with us at the Inn at Aspen and save money to spend on other parts of your vacation while you stay in supreme ski-in/ski-out location at Buttermilk! See our current Lodging Deals!

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