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Keep Up with New Year's Resolutions while on Vacation in Breckenridge  

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Originally published Thursday, January 20, 2011 —

This blog is written by Karin Bearnarth, events coordinator for ResortQuest Breckenridge.

Did you know that 90% of Americans who propose a New Year's resolution decide to get in better shape? If you are one of those people — did you know that only 1% actually follow through? So, to keep this new goal, I decided to research ways to make the "Exercise" word a bit more fun, and they are perfect activities to do while in Breckenridge.

Here are great workouts that take place around Breckenridge that you can do while on vacation!

On Monday, in Frisco at the Alpine Dance Academy, dance teacher extraordinaire Kelly Monohan taught me and a few other brave moms Hip Hop for one hour. We basically learned about 1 minute of dance moves in those 60 minutes... to the top-40 hit remake of the Dirty Dancing super song — "I Had the Time of My Life," — new version by Flo Rida. By the end of the hour — we had really worked up a sweat and didn't even realize we were... exercising. The bonus? I sound very cool around my 11 and 12 year olds when the song plays on Sirius Top 40 — sing out loud because I obviously already know all of the words from the past version and proclaim that I "dance to this song in Hip Hop class."

On Tuesday, I took advantage of public skating time at the Steve C. West Ice Arena during lunch. I suppose we all fell in love with the beauty of figure skating when Dorothy Hamill was introduced to the world in 1976 as an Olympic skating star, but then as the spokesperson for "Short and Sassy" shampoo — with her super-cute haircut that we all decided to try. So, I hit the skating rink with some friends for lunch, and a funny thing happened — we all worked so hard at not falling that we were basically strengthening our core in order to stay upright. Yes, we did indeed fall — a lot — but between giggling around the rink for an hour or so and eventually trying to spin and skate backwards, we really worked up a glow.

Wednesday, I thought I should get outside and enjoy some nice weather, so I headed up to the Nordic Center on Peak 8, strapped on some 165 cross-country skis (with edges) and headed out to what can only be described as a winter wonderland. If the beauty doesn't take your breath away, the workout will. Just be sure to watch the path and direction others are taking, as I drifted into the wrong lane going the wrong way and was scolded at by obvious regulars. Afterward, I enjoyed a nice warm drink and a granola bar inside the hut — a reward for a very good workout. See other outdoor winter activities.

Thursday, I headed back indoors to Body Pump. Now it sounds hard, because it is, however there are a couple of girls in the office that have dropped at least two dress sizes by going once or twice a week for their lunch hour. In these intense 60 minutes, you work out to loud music in a pre-choreographed barbell class. So, I headed into class and tried my best to keep up, and I was soon comfortable and delightfully challenged. Did I just say delightfully? During exercise? After the class, I was remarkably renewed and focused for the rest of the day at work. Remember to bring a change of clothes and save time to rinse off — whew!

Friday, I decided to drop in to the newly formed Curling League over at Steve C. West Ice Arena. The game, affectionately called Ice Chess, seemed so much fun this past Winter Olympics in Vancouver as it was televised in prime time daily. Whether I was "throwing" or casting the stone or feverishly working my broom, it was a good workout and very competitive, and, I must say, our team won three to two. We named our team Curls Gone Wild...

So, do your best to keep your New Year's Resolution, become the 1% that sticks to it — and stay fit and happy while doing it — and you'll be enjoying your vacation even more! Book your vacation to Breckenridge and receive awesome lodging discounts so you can spend your money on all the fun things you'll be trying!

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