Thursday, March 10, 2011

Steamboat Snow Record 2011: 350" Inches of Snow  

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Originally published Wednesday, March 9, 2011 —

Almost 30 feet of snow has blanketed Steamboat and the Steamboat Ski Resort this 2010/2011 winter season, and believe us — this winter really has been epic! With only a month or so left in this ski season, we are dying to see how much more snow we can get! Ranchers in Steamboat like to call this type of deep-snow winter a "four-wire" winter... when so much snow has fallen it stacks up over the 4th row of wires on their fences! That is deep!

According to the Steamboat Ski Resort, "Since October 23rd, snow has fallen 86 out of 137 days with 38 of those days recording four or more inches. In March alone, snow has fallen 5 of 8 days with 2 days recording four or more inches."

So, what do we do with all this snow? We have epic spring ski conditions that will feel much like mid-winter conditions. You'll be hard pressed to find any rocks or grass sticking out from the slopes this year! This year's spring conditions and celebrations will be Springalicious Enjoy tons of outdoor music, sunshine, après drinks, and end-of-season unique events! But don't take our word for it — come discover the true epic conditions on your own. This spring we are offering serious lodging deals and ski pass deals that will ensure everyone gets some awesome ski turns!

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